Learn How to Present with the Award-Winning Anne Davies

Are you looking to better your presentation skills?

Anne Davies has developed a unique training formula to help you or your team hone and polish presentation skills for every situation. Whether presenting Keynotes, standing up in front of colleagues or peers, delivering a company message, presenting on stage, online, on radio or on TV - in fact ANYWHERE where you are on show.

Achieve the best presentation possible through 5 key elements

It is YOU who adds the value to any presentation.  Let Anne take you through her VALUE presentation tool,  to hone your performance skills and make them the best they can possibly be.  After forty years presenting live television on a daily basis from breakfast TV to news to lifestyle, consumer issues, travel, current affairs and fashion, Anne has condensed her knowledge into a formula to help others.  Make excellent presentation a part of your work and life arsenal too.

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Good presentation skills will help you sell better, host better, deliver information better, galvanise a team better, interview better and deal with situations better… Make it the best it can possibly be with Anne’s training course.

Course Content
  • How to be your authentic self
  • Appearance
  • Language
  • Your voice
  • Your USP
  • What is your message?
  • How do you get it across?
  • Stage presence
  • Voice control
  • Coping with nerves
  • Technical aspects
  • Microphone use
  • Energy – how to capture & use it
Additional Module
  • Storytelling, Speech & Script writing
  • Headline writing & the art of brevity
  • Presentation showcase reel
  • Filming & story boarding
  • Interview planning
  • Production skills

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  • “Thanks for the session yesterday.  It was really helpful - I feel lucky to get feedback and tips from you!  Learning from the best…”

    Amy Payne, Broadcast Journalist, BBC
  • “Thank you so much for all of this. The advice you gave was very welcome and I noticed a difference immediately as I put into use many of the things you suggested. I really appreciate the time you took and I just hope I actually get to do some more presenting again soon!”

    David Jackson, Broadcast Journalist, BBC
  • “Hi Anne! Thank you so much for this, I read it (your feedback notes) half an hour before going on air and did all of these things and it massively helped, thank you! I absolutely loved every second and I'm so happy I did it!! Thank you again.”

    Emma Snow, Broadcast Journalist, BBC
  • “Thanks so much for this! The coaching session was so helpful, you’ve got no idea. It would be great to get another one in the diary if you can? The voice – It’s probably my weakest area and needs the most work but I’m trying. “Make every word count”  has stuck with me and I find myself writing, re-writing, deleting and re-writing to get the script succinct yet impactful. So thank you!”

    Jodi Law, Broadcast Journalist, BBC
  • “Thank you so much for taking the time to work with me and this very useful summary of the feedback. It was lovely spending time with you too. Your words have been ringing in my ears since we talked and my wife thought the bulletin the night after we spoke was my best one so far. I thought you were kind, helpful and sensitively constructive. Thank you again for your help.”

    Navtej Johal, Broadcast Journalist, BBC
  • “I really enjoyed our sessions and appreciated very much the work in the studio and all your time. This feedback is really brilliant and invaluable for me and to see it like this and have it written down – is a useful reminder for me every time I present. I would love another session in 6 months so I can hopefully show a change and improvement.”

    Natalie Jackson, Sports Editor, BBC

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Get in touch with details of what you are looking for and we will be in touch to discuss further