FASHANNE is fast becoming the byword for emerging talent. It is the Fashion Designers of the Future Awards which take place annually - providing a bridge between education and the world of work. But more than that, Fashanne is a community connecting new talent with industry - to the benefit of both.

providing a pathway into industry

Fashanne, started life back in 2016 to champion the design excellence of third year university design students about to embark upon their careers. As a BBC television news presenter my world is full of interviews, studios and filming. Doing stories with talented fashion students I just felt that they deserved a greater platform to showcase their innovations and ideas. Alongside that it was important to enable them - by providing a pathway into industry. Not only helping them but also giving those industries the opportunity to connect with the talent that will ultimately drive their businesses into the future.

change lives for the better

This was also the chance to do something to change lives for the better. To make a difference. To use my skills to create a business with an altruistic vision and the tools to promote diversity and inclusion - to show that you can achieve and be applauded for your talent above anything else.

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  • “The standard at Fashanne is phenomenal. For me, it’s a treat to spend time with such engaged, enthusiastic and talented young people. We have a big challenge ahead of us in this industry, and only with ingenuity and creativity in design and the making of the clothes, we are going to solve this problem. Every year I’m delighted and surprised to see what the students produce.” 

    Patrick Grant, Fashion Designer and Businessman

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